Indoor Mini Basketball Kit

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Transform your home or office with this Indoor Mini Basketball Kit.
The Indoor Mini Basketball Kit ‘Special Edition’ has a 24-Karat ‘Conflict Free’ gold plated breakaway rim, mounted on a matte black maple backboard, featuring a black leather net with gold foil skirt.

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Los Angeles


Attach to a wall using a cleat system assembly. Install and secure one cleat to the wall, then lock in place the backboard to the bracket.
**KIT comes with a Rubber Size #3 Mini Basketball


24-karat Gold Rim + Matte Black Maple Backboard
Backboard 24.25” x 32.75” x 1.5", Rim 12.25” Diameter, 13.25” Net
Approximately 18 lbs.

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Los Angeles

Founded by Spencer Nikosey, KILLSPENCER® started as a personal project to locally craft the perfect sustainable and waterproof backpack and quickly blossomed into a fulltime business. They design and manufacture all their products in our Silverlake, Los Angeles Workshop and Storefront.