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Available in January 2015.

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With the synergistic effect of a hybrid design that merges balanced armature with a 50mm diameter dynamic driver unit coupled with BAM mechanism, we’ve achieved an extraordinarily vast sound stage. The music fixed inside our heads with headphones up until now vibrates in a vast space from side to side and with depth.


Technical characteristics:
Balanced armature transducers
BAM Technology (Balancing Air Movement)
Weight: 600 grams
Speaker: Balanced Armature
Finish: Stainless Steel / Aluminum
Connectors: 3.5mm stereo gold-plated
Cable: 1.5m

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Music is “Power.”
This is the basic premise behind final audio design.
It is not just about music constructed out of soft and sweet sounds;
It is “Pianissimo” – deeper than the abyss – and “Fortissimo” – with crushing force.
This is our belief; delivering the sensation and reenactments of the performers’ outpouring of passion.
final audio design is a never-heard-before, Distinctive brand bound to change the concept of earphones.