DBL Swallow

by Tudor Surf BoardsSydney
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Photo Credits : Saturdays Surf NYC

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Tudor Surfboards was founded in 1998 after Joel's 12-year tutelage under the late and great Donald Takayama. With the help of his family, whose roots in surfing date back to the early 1960's, he was able to develop boards that merged classic shapes with contemporary modern design. He has always said, "you must look back in order to move forward". This has been true for every board that Tudor Surfboards has created- but they are FAR from retro. Their boards are not built on trends, blogs or imitation. The board you surf on should always depend on the wave you are surfing, and that simple truth is the core of their philosophy. As Tudor Surfboards ushers in a new decade of designs, they will continue to build boards with purpose and functionality in mind, while maintaining the quality craftsmanship and style people have come to expect.