DB9 Coupe Ceramic Grey

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DB9 is the iconic heart of the Aston Martin model range. A Grand Tourer combining an intoxicating blend of elegance and engineering, refinement and technology. DB9 is also the latest progeny of the most illustrious automotive bloodline in the world.

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It was an incredible challenge, make a great design even better. It took an extraordinary collaborative effort to achieve. Nearly 50% of all parts and more than 70% of all body panels are new, but it is as timeless and elegant as ever.

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The very essence of Aston Martin is something you feel each time you look at one of the cars. It sweeps over you on every unforgettable drive. Powerful, exhilarating and precise yet timelessly elegant and sophisticated; the cars blend iconic design, exceptional engineering and unrivalled craftsmanship to create an unforgettable, emotional experience. Each car is the essence of power, beauty and soul.